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Principal's message

Principal's  message

It is my greatest pleasure and honor to serve the Al Kamal Learning Community. I've worked in American curriculum-based schools for over 15 years, including seven years in leadership.
My leadership experience has taught me the importance of high expectations for American accredited schools.
There are standards and tools of measurement for success embedded to obtain the future valuable impact we wish to see in our young learners.
In the modern world, the strong demand for high teaching and learning practices driven by the market and industries have never been more important as we must ready our little ones for a fast-changing world. It all starts at an early age. I encourage everyone engaged in my community to never stop thinking about tomorrow while keeping the Emirati heritage as part of the school culture!
As a new principal, I am inspired to serve our students, parents, and teachers in providing a direction of great excellence with a modern approach. Positivity and well-being of our school begins with believing in our school vision and looking into those fine details of individuals’ needs.
A healthy, safe, and congenial environment are a continued part of my agenda. We believe every student should feel empowered and inspired every day to think about the great possibilities of tomorrow. Our teachers and staff are committed to providing the exceptional positive energy fostering academic and social growth. Students should feel enthusiastic after leaving their school and have something to share at their dinner table with parents.
I agree that new ideas can lead people bumfuzzled in the beginning of great change! However, this is all part of innovation and creativity, which is triggered by the needs of students.
Opportunities must be understood based on student learning feedback as we continue to grow together. Our new books and resources are all American based with challenging instruction led by my specialists in the subject area for good quality control and learning path.
Renovations and classroom environments are designed with students’ hearts in mind and welcome new additions to the Al Kamal family. Our new school’s facilities are dedicated in providing a fresh experience of discovery with our library and activities area for child development. The use of technology in our school has become an integral part of keeping track of student progress.
We can look forward to a great year of building positive memories and defining new learning milestones with everyone. Every day counts as hard work pays off at the end. We encourage you to experience the school culture with a focus on sharing social resources and learning experiences that will be carried on to the next phase of students’ academic career.

We hope you will help us along the way to continue to build the foundations of success and celebrate!
Thank you again for choosing our school to be part of your child’s learning experience.

School Principal
Ms. Rania Ahmad Al Halabi