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Admission Instruction

Admission  Instruction

Policy and Procedures



1. Initial documents required

These documents are required to initiate the application process. There is no application fee when the file is submitted. A non-refundable registration fee of AED 500 is invoiced with tuition once a space has been offered.

We prefer to receive applications in hard copy directly to our office, by regular mail or by courier. Applications may be emailed only if the documents are combined into one single pdf file per application.

Incomplete applications will not be reviewed or entered on the waiting list.

£  Completed Application Form                                                       £ 1 passport size photo of each parent

£  Tuition Authorization Form                                                           £ K1 & K2: Nursery/school report



£  Consent Form                                                                                 £ K1 & K2: Kindergarten Parent Questionnaire

£  Copy of student’s passport                                                          £ Grades 1 to 9: 2 years of school records

£  Copy of parents’ passport                                                            £ Grades 6 to 9: Student Questionnaire

£  Copy of student’s birth certificate                                                £ Grade 9: High School Transcript (if available)

£  2 passport size photos of student                                                £ Any grade if taken: Recent standardized testing scores


2. Follow-up documents

These documents will only be requested later in the application process and not of all applicants. Note that the documents are grade specific.

K1 and K2                                                                                                   Grades 6 to 9

£  Kindergarten Recommendation Form                                             £ Principal / Counselor Recommendation Form

Grades 1 to 5                                                                                     £ English Teacher Recommendation Form

£  Classroom Teacher Recommendation Form                                   £ Math Teacher Recommendation Form

3. Enrollment documents

These documents are required to register a student with the UAE Ministry of Education once a seat has been offered. They are not needed at the application stage. Organize these before you leave the current school. A sample transfer certificate is available on our website.

£  Most Recent Original Report Card

£  Emirates ID card (student and one parent) – present cards to Registrar’s Office. We will need to swipe the actual cards to register with the KHDA.

£  Health Office Information Form and immunizations record

£  Transfer Certificate (grades 1 to 9)

To be issued by the current school on official letterhead, clearly stating the date of withdrawal. This certificate must be signed and stamped by the school. This is not the same as a transcript.

No transfer certificate is required for students that are transferring from other schools in Dubai.

Attestation requirements depend on the location of the school, not the curriculum:

·          US, Canada or Western Europe: school stamp and signature

·          GCC: Ministry of Education of that country

·          All other countries: Ministry of Education, Foreign Affairs and UAE Embassy in that country


 Minimum Age Requirements                                                                                                                                                                               


Kindergarten 1     Student must be four years old by September 1 Kindergarten 2     Student must be five years old by September 1 Grade 1                Student must be six years old by September 1 Grade 2                Student must be seven years old by September 1


 Admission Testing Policy                                                                                                                                                                               


All applicants will be evaluated before they are admitted. The purpose of this evaluation is to develop a more accurate picture of a student’s academic skills and to screen for any learning or behavioral concerns.


Three evaluation criteria are used in screening for admission and grade placement:

  1. An entrance test that consists of a writing sample, math assessment, and standardized reading assessment is given to all students in grades 1 to In lieu of formal testing, kindergarten applicants are assessed during an observation visit. Assessment of middle and high school students is at the discretion of the principals and guidance counselors. In some cases, testing can be waived if recent recognized standardized test scores are available.
  2. Review of student records and recommendation
  3. Interview with parents/student – this is sometimes conducted to gain more information of the


The assessment appointment will be scheduled when the application has been completed and reviewed. While psychological testing is not done as a standard admissions procedure, it may be necessary if the parental interview and/or the reading and math assessments indicate potential learning issues.

 Enrollment Priority                                                                                                                                                                               

Our priority system below is aligned with our identity as an American community school. Special consideration will be given to students with a demonstrated need for an American education.


  • Category 1 - Students from families of any nationality and have a sibling presently attending AKAPS.
  • Category 2 - Students who their parents work in the school.
 Language Proficiency Entry Requirements                                                                                                                                                                               


Kindergarten 1:

During the intake process, non-native English-speaking students will be expected to demonstrate an acceptable level of fluency in English to be eligible candidates for admission. During the intake process, should language proficiency appear to be an issue, the student in question will be further assessed to determine whether or not their level of fluency in English is acceptable for admission.


Grades K2 - 9:

All non-native English-speaking students admitted to the AKAPS will be expected to demonstrate a grade level mastery of the English language. During the intake process, should language proficiency become an issue, the student in question will be assessed to determine whether or not their level of fluency in English is acceptable for admission. Non-native English speakers, whose fluency in English (speaking, reading and writing) is found to be below grade level, will not be eligible for admission.


AKAPS is not yet accredited







Ms. Rania Ahmad Al Halabi












Application Form



Proposed starting date                         


Grade level                                   




Surname                                                                                             Male:                  Female:                First Name                                                             Middle Names

Date of Birth                                                            Place of Birth



(month, day, year)                         Religion


Nationality Passport 1


Nationality Passport 2




Languages spoken at home Primary residence outside UAE

Previous attended AKAPS?             Yes ! No !       Years attended: Relatives attending AKAPS?           Yes ! No !       Names and relationship: Medical conditions



Important for single parents: If you are divorced please submit custody papers of your child.


Will both parents be living full-time in Sharjah?                                                                             


FATHER                                                    MOTHER

ASD Alumni?                    Yes ! No ! Years attended:                       Yes ! No ! Years attended:             




First Name


Passport 1/Passport 2

Title / Position


Business Phone



Home phone



Who is paying?

Parent !   Company !


Mailing address:



Billing address if different:









(area, for example Sinaeia 4, Building, flat, etc.)









Name                Age          School                              Name                         Age       School


SCHOOL HISTORY (most recent school first)


School                                                Grade / School year             Type of Curriculum            Location
















Tell us about your involvement in your child’s current and previous school (volunteering, PTA, Booster Club etc.)






  1. As a student:



  1. My child participates in these extracurricular activities:



  1. Has your child ever been recommended for, or evaluated, in or out of school for possible learning or behavioral problems or

language and speech concerns?

  YES   NO   If yes, please include details and specific testing information to further assist us.



  1. Has your child ever been recommended for or received learning support in any of the previous schools?

  YES   NO If yes, please indicate details.


  1. Does your child have any special physical, emotional, psychological, or language needs?

  YES   NO If yes, please explain.


  1. Has your child ever repeated a grade?

  YES   NO If yes, please indicate grade level and a brief explanation.



  1. Has your child ever been suspended or asked to leave a school?

  YES   NO If yes, please indicate details.


  1. Does your child take any medication for attention issues such as ADD or ADHD?

  YES   NO If yes, please indicate details.



  1. Has your child had excessive absences (more than 10 per semester) in the last two school years?

  YES   NO If yes, please indicate details.




Parent or guardian verifies that all information on this application is true and accurate.




Date                                                                       Signature



Ms. Rania Ahmad Al Halabi





Consent Form


Field Trips and other ASD activities

I grant permission for my child to attend/participate in school-sponsored field trips and other school related activities.


ASD Publications

I grant permission for my child’s photo to be used in Akaps publications.


Testing at AKAPS

Various standardized tests are administered to students throughout the school year to gain information about the school"s learning program and individual needs of the students. These might include, but aren"t limited to, Measure of Academic Progress (MAP), CAT4 AND TIMMS. I understand that my child will participate in standardized tests administered by the school.


In order to improve and maintain the quality of education provided by the school, I understand that the school needs to measure, record, gather, preserve, and transfer to others, student personal data, including sensitive data, as well as educational and testing results.


Laptop Program

Our students entering grades 5 to 9 are required to purchase a laptop as part of their school supply list. This laptop must be an Apple MacBook  Pro, MacBook Pro-Retina or MacBook Air (11 or 13 inch). Laptops should be less than 3 years old.

AKAPS will load all needed software onto the laptops shortly after the start of the school year so you do not need to purchase any additional software.

I understand that my child will be part of the one-to-one laptop program. I agree to ensure the timely purchase of the required computer as well as making sure that repairs to the computers are done in a timely manner as needed.


School Policies

I agree to support my child in getting to know, understand and adhere to the school procedures and regulations.

I myself agree to support AKAPS’s core values (Compassion, Excellence, Integrity, Respect and Responsibility) and to act in accordance with these values in all interactions with AKAPS.







Full name of child:




Signature of mother:                                                                                                                    Date:




Signature of father:                                                                                                                      Date:

































Ms. Rania Ahmad Al Halabi




















Tuition Authorization Form



This form needs to be completed and signed by whomever will be billed for school fees.

This will be either the company or parents.



Should a student withdraw from school prior to the end of a school year, refunds are payable in accordance with the refund schedule. AKAPS Al Ramtha reserves the right to withhold official records and as appropriate, the refundable deposit until full tuition payment has been received. For withdrawal refund policies, please refer to our website.




NAME OF STUDENT                                                               GRADE                           DATE OF ENTRY












                                                     agrees to pay all school fees and tuition for the above-named student(s). Name of Company/Parent



This Company/Parent is fully aware of policies regarding tuition and refund policies of AKAPS Al Ramtha.





Signature of either Company Representative OR Parent                                            Date of Signature






Company Seal






Billing Address                                                                          Company Contact Person








Ms. Rania Ahmad Al Halabi








School Fees




AKAPS tuition and fees are a combination of three financial obligations.


  1. Capital Fee: Not Applicable
  2. Facility Fee: Not Applicable
3.  Tuition Fee for 2019-2020: Annual fee.

The Tuition Fee is dedicated to providing the educational program. A significant percentage of this fee is dedicated to employee salaries and benefits.


Tuition and fees for non-corporate seat holders (in UAE Dirhams)




Facility Fee

Annual Total

Total with Capital Fee for first year enrollment




























































Tuition and Fee Payment Schedule for the 2019-2020 School Year


Tuition Deposit: Once a space has been offered, an AED 500 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve the seat until the tuition payment is made. This fee is credited towards tuition.

Registration Fee: There is no application fee. A one-time registration fee of AED 500 will be invoiced with the first tuition payment.

Refundable Book Deposit:  The one-time AED  500 book deposit is refundable to parents when the student withdraws, provided all book and library obligations are fulfilled.

Medical Fee: Not applicable

Payment schedule for companies and individuals (Three Payment Plan)


September 1st 

50% of tuition and fees

Option for parents and companies to pay either 50% or 100%

December Cheque

25% of tuition and fees


March Cheque

25% of tuition and fees




Payment can be made in the form of cash, credit card, local check or wire transfer. Questions regarding payment procedures should be directed to Accounting department in the school.





Ms. Rania Ahmad Al Halabi





Student Questionnaire Applying to Grades 5 to 9





Student Name:                                                              





To be completed by the applicant (not parents)


— On a separate piece of paper, describe a life experience in which you struggled or faced adversity, yet upon reflection you learned from the situation and are a better person as a result of the experience. Attach the writing piece to the questionnaire.



  • List and describe any academic or academically related recognition, awards, or citations you have received in the past three






  • List and describe your level of interest and participation in community service or volunteer wo






  • Describe any leadership positions you have held at your school during the last three ye








  • Why do you want to come to AKAPS Al Ramtha?










P.O. Box 30863-Sharjah l United Arab Emirates l P +971-6-5383136 l l




Ms. Rania Ahmad Al Halabi





Summary of high school courses taken in non-American system

Student Name:                                                                                                        



This form should be completed only if you are entering AKAPS Al Ramtha in grades 2-9 and have attended a school with a non-American system.

The information below should match your transcript and/or report card. Therefore, use the same words that appear on your school documents. Don’t forget to enter the grade level for each class taken.

After completion, please ask your school to stamp the form and submit with the application.


Full Year or

½ Year

Grade level

Name of Class

No of classes per week

No of minutes per class

Total minutes per week




































































































































































If your science class was integrated, list here the content studied, i.e., biology, chemistry, physical science, earth science, etc.

Science 7:


Science 8:


Science 9:


P.O. Box 30863-Sharjah l United Arab Emirates l P +971-6-5383136 l l



Ms. Rania Ahmad Al Halabi