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Admission Required documents 

Admission Required   documents 

1 Copy of child's passport with valid residence visa page.
2 Tow copies of child's birth certificate. 
3 Copy of the father & mother's passport with valid residence visa page.
4 Copy of National Emirates ID two-side for (Father / Mother / Student).
5 Copy of family register (For UAE applicants only).
6 Six copies of student's photo.
7 Copy of vaccination certificate.
8 Health file from previous school.
9 Original transfer certificate issued by previous school.
10 The most recent original school report from previous school.
11 Financial clearance letter from previous school.
12 New admission students should bring original National Emirates ID for (Father / Motther / Student).
  Incomplete Admission Documents Mean Students Registration Not done.  
  Dear parent E-mail us with required documents to [email protected].